Legal Disclaimer: This tool is intended as a guide only and is not offered as professional legal or tax advice. We strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney and/or certified public accountant to determine the best business structure to choose when forming a business.

Mac Warner

Secretary of State

Success - You are well on your way to registering your business. Based on your answers, we have created a list of what you will need to provide to the State, County, and City government.

Please note, this information is supplied as a guide and should not take the place of legal or tax advice. The Secretary of State's Office recommends the consultation of a lawyer or accountant when forming a business.

Business Type

Open Your Business

County And City

Additional Licensing

Companies engaging in certain types of business may be required to file additional registrations, pass examinations, or provide certifications to other agencies or boards of the State of West Virginia. Contact the appropriate agency or board by visiting the links below to ensure your business is properly registered.

WV Association of Licensing Boards

WV State Agencies and Boards

Filing Your Business Taxes

Employee Verification

Business Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance (WCI)

In most states, you must fill out Workers Compensation Insurance forms. If your business does not fall into the category requiring this insurance, you may still need to attest that you do not provide WCI. Please visit or contact the West Virginia Workers Compensation Employer Coverage Unit to determine what forms are required for your business.

Visit the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner website for more information:

Commercial Insurance

Stay protected! As a business owner, you will want to consider obtaining business insurance to protect your business and yourself. Although business insurance is an added expense, in many cases, it is also tax deductible. There are many different types of insurance, and the level of coverage needed may depend on many aspects of your business.

Visit the Small Business Administration website for more information: