Project IDA: WVSAC's Interactive Data Analysis Tool

This tool allows you to generate the specific statistics you need by querying selected data sources. For more detailed information about each of the available data sources see the Data Sources and Definitions page. In addition, you will find descriptions of each of the included data fields by using the Help menu located in the upper right corner of any page.

To begin creating your query, select a data source and segment from the following list:

West Virginia Incident-Based Reporting System (WVIBRS)

Statistics on crime offenses, victimizations, and arrests reported to state, county, and local law enforcement agencies.

> Offense Segment

> Victim Segment

> Arrest Segment

Adult Correctional Population Data

Statistics on adult offenders in the custody of the WV Division of Corrections, including annual commitments to and releases from custody.

> Stock Segment

> Commitment Segment

> Release Segment

Community Corrections Information System Data

Statistics on adult clients who have participated in community corrections programming through a state funded day report center (DRC) by offense and type of service received.

> Client Segment

> Intervention Segment

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