Welcome to the West Virginia National Guard Education Encouragement Program.

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**Please ensure when submitting every new application that you review your personal information. Pay particular attention to your ETS date, as you must be a member for the entirety of the semester/term you are applying for TA. If your ETS is not sufficient to cover the semester and your intent is to re-enlist/extend, but you are unable to do so until after the semester/term begins, you will need to request and submit a LETTER OF INTENT prior to your application being approved.


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Applications for state tuition assistance must be submitted EACH semester. Applications are to be submitted by May 1 for fall the fall semester and by November 1 for the spring semester.  **For non-traditional programs, applications are due 60 days prior to the start of classes. If your application is being submitted past the deadline, please contact us to obtain the LATE LETTER TEMPLATE which must be submitted along with any supporting documentation for your tardy submission such as orders, etc. As per WVNG-JR 18-001, you will remain on hold until ruled upon via the application appeal process. If approved following appeal, tuition may be paid at less than the 100% level. Send to requests to NG WV WVARNG List J1-WVEEP.